The Dart Castings Range
The Dart Castings range includes cast scenic detailing accessories and horse drawn vehicles in 4mm/1ft (00) scale.

The Montys Models Range
The Montys Models range offers a wide variety of high quality cast white metal figures. The 4mm/1ft scale range is joined by an increasing selection of figures for 7mm/1ft (O) and 2mm/1ft (N).

The MJT Range
The MJT range offers a vast selection of detailing items for 4mm/1ft (OO) scale rolling stock.

The Shire Scenes Range
The Shire Scenes range provides a wide selection of etched brass scenic detailing accessories, horse drawn vehicles and GWR coach components for 4mm/1ft (OO) and 2mm/1ft (N) scales.

The Frogmore Confederacy Range
The Frogmore Confederacy range is aimed at GWR modellers working in 4mm/1ft (OO) scale and includes GWR rolling stock kits and specialist parts.

We manufacture and supply cast white metal and etched model railway detailing parts in the Dart Castings, Monty's Models, MJT Scale Components and Shire Scenes product ranges. We also supply the Shire Scenes and Frogmore Confederacy ranges. All casts and etches are made in Great Britain. Click here for details about our products or use the buttons above to navigate the site.

New items added to range:
Rigid bogie frames are now available in the MJT range. Code 2553 is for the 8ft wheelbase and 2556 is for the 8ft6in wheelbase. In the fullness of time we will be expanding the range to cover all the popular wheelbases. Hand in hand with this we will be increasing the MJT range of cosmetic bogie sides. Currently in the pipeline are the GCR Fox 10ft6in (as used on the so called ‘Barnum’ coaches), the LMS 9ft welded and the BR(S) Mk6 Power Bogie (as used on the later ‘slam door’ EMUs.

Also new to the MJT range are some GWR springs and a re-tooled GWR oil axlebox. The springs are 5ft and 6ft long and complement the Shire Scenes range of coach sides for 2 and 3 axle passenger cars. Additionally, there is a GCR 6ft 6in spring with leather hangers.

In collaboration with the 3mm Scale Association we are re-introducing the range of 3mm scale Carriage Compensation Units (CCUs). While designed to operate with 3mm scale bogies and the associated track gauges, these can be used on narrow gauge vehicles with an axle length of around 20mm.

New to the Monty’s Models range of 4mm figures are a pair of schoolchildren - boy and girl - and another rural workman in a cap and Wellington boots.

Changes to our product numbers:
We are in the process of re-numbering and re-structuring our MJT range of Cosmetic Bogie Sides and Rigid Bogies. This is because we need more space in the number sequence to introduce new products and to put them in a more logical order. All existing products have been retained albeit with different numbers so please make sure that order the correct part. In the fullness of time we will be re-numbering the CCUs and bogie accessories.

Our first venture into retail shops:
We are pleased to announce that our Monty’s Models range of figures is now available at Rochester Games Models and Railways. The lineside accessories should be available there soon. Rochester Games Models and Railways’ new shop can be found at 21 Corporation Street, Rochester, Kent. For more details visit their Facebook page.


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