Formerly MJT 7002.

For use with MJT 2223 CCU or MJT 2556 Rigid Bogie Frame. Includes all sideframe castings and bolster detail.

Often referred to as the Mk1 or BR1, this bogie was used extensively on BR main line Mk1 coaching stock from the mid 1950s. Closely related was the single bolster version with outside swing links which was used on GUVs and suburban stock. It is relatively easy to convert the castings to represent the single bolster version by removing the highlighted area in the centre image. The bottom image shows the result. The material can be removed by drilling a (2mm following a smaller pilot) hole in the middle of the shaded area and openning it out with miniature needle files.

Also related to this bogie is another single bolster version but with internal, and hence not visible, swing links. This was used on some corridor seconds and closely resembles the single bolster bogie used on many of the SR slam door EMUs.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Four sides - sufficient for two bogies (one coach).

MJT cosmetic bogie side are supplied without brake shoes which are available separately - MJT items 2461 and 2462.

Price: £5.50

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