Formerly MJT 2239.

For use with MJT 2223 CCU or MJT 2556 Rigid Bogie Frame. Includes sideframe castings with bolster detail. One side of this bogie is the mirror image of the other. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the sides are correctly paired and that the bogies are mounted the right way round on the coach.

This heavy duty variant of the BR B4 bogie was used with and without shoe beams attached on the later SR Slam Door EMUs: 4CIG MJT 1000, 4BIG MJT 1001, 4VEP MJT 10084TC MJT 1004 and some very late 4CEP MJT 1010 and 4BEP units operated by South West Trains.

This pack supplied without shoe beams, fuse boxes or wheel guards.

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Four sides (two mirror image pairs) - sufficient for two bogies (one coach).

MJT cosmetic bogie side are supplied without brake shoes which are available separately - MJT items 2461 and 2462.

Price: £5.50

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