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Bargain Corner
CodeDescriptionDetailsGaugePrice (£) 
BC7Shire S105 GWR U12 Brake CompositeGeneric. Four compartment Brake Composite LE9N (Centre Luggage Composite) 28ft 6in Body, 18ft wheelbase This kit started out as a Diagram U12 Brake Composite. However, the prototype was an earlier LA9N coach with full arc roof, 9in eaves, lower body sides and shorter windows. The sides were stretched to fit the Ratio body height by 3in and thus are not strictly prototypical. Also, the roof would have been single arc for U12 and the ratio roof is 3-arc (eliptical) in style. If the modeller is prepared to accept the 2in discrepancy in the eaves and around a 2in discrepancy in the window height (the remaining height seems to have been lost in the lower paneling) then the use of the Shire S114M full arc end will lower the body overall. It will contribute to a rail to roof height of a prototypical 11ft 2in. The droplights may be filled with card or scrap brass if an earlier vehicle is to be modelled but the window frame will still be non-prototypical. OO Gauge£6.00

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