Somerset type with pointed finials. Plenty to be found across the county.

In order to put destinations of your choice onto these signs, we recommend you paint and varnish them as usual. Lettering can be added using clear self adhesive labels from the Avery range, a word processor and suitable printer. These can then be carefully cut to shape and stuck on. A suitable 'transport' font can be found 'free' online although any sans serif font should be OK. Set the font size to 4 point. Suitable labels are Avery J8560 to J8567 for inkjet printers or L7560 to L7567 for laser printers. We recommend you do a test print on normal paper first as the clear labels are expensive. Careful use of the sheet will yield a great many other uses on your layout!

(OO Gauge / 4mm Scale)

Supplied unpainted

Price: £7.00

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