Building an LNER Diagram 23 or 115 Full Third from MJT Parts:

As with most of the Gresley coaches there were a number of variations on the theme. These were the most common variety of Gresley teak coach and some survived into the 1960s. The MJT etched brass sides represent Diagram 23 - which was built between 1924 and 1927 - and Diagram 115 - built between 1928 and 1939. While outwardly similar the Diagram 115s were 3" wider than the Diagram 23s (9'3" as opposed to 9'0").

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All the necessary items are listed with the quantity for each initially set to 0. Change the quantities for each item as required for your coach building project and then at the foot of the page there is a button to add all the items you require to your shopping basket in one go. Please note that if you look at an item in more detail, the 'return to list' button on the detail page will take you back to the main MJT list, not this page, so use your browser's back button instead!

This page will allow you to select parts to make a 'generic' coach but if you wish your model to be historically accurate you would be well advised to seek details (photographs) of a particular vehicle. Considerable detail is given in:

  • Gresley's Coaches by Michael Harris. David and Charles, 1973, ISBN 0715359355
  • LNER Standard Gresley Carriages by Michael Harris, Mallard Books, 1998, ISBN 0953289605
  • Historic Carriage Drawings - Volume 1 LNER and Constituents by Nick Campling, Pendragon Partnership, 1997, ISBN 1899816046

    It is necessary to decide whether you would prefer to make a metal coach using MJT parts or use the etched sides to adorn a Hornby or Ian Kirk donor? If the latter go to Using the cosmetic sides with a Hornby or Kirk Donor

    Construction of complete coach

    A thorough account of the techniques used to build Gresley coaches using MJT parts is given in

  • The 4mm Coach - Part 2 Working With Metal Kits by Stephen Williams, Wild Swan Publications, 2000, ISBN 1874103615
  • Gresley Kitchen Cars by Steve Banks, Model Railway Journal 95, 1997
  • Gresley's Middle Period Full Brake in 4mm by Steve Banks, Model Railway Journal 130, 2001

    You will need:

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2855LNER 61ft 6inch Corridor Third (D23/D115) 1924-1939£13.50 Temporarily Out of Stock
    2815LNER 61ft Vestibule Floorpan£13.50 Temporarily Out of Stock
    2971LAluminium Roof (285mm length)£4.00 Discontinued
    2813LNER Gresley Domed Roof End Castings£2.40
    2940Torpedo Ventilators (Short Later Type - LNER,SR,LMS,BR)£2.60
    2814LNER Gresley bow end (panelled)£5.00
    2807LNER Standard Coach Buffers (Vestibule - Retracted)£3.30
    2933Buckeye Couplings£3.00

    Vehicles built before 1934 were equipped with Turnbuckle trussing while those built in 1934 and after had welded steel angle iron trussing. We can supply either type, so choose one or other of the following:

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2800TLNER Standard 60ft Underframe Set (Turnbuckle)£11.00
    2800ALNER Standard 60ft Underframe Set (Steel Angle)£10.00

    Note: these packs contain brake detail (cylinders reservoirs etc.), dynamos and battery boxes. 2800T has the earlier pattern battery box while 2800A has the later pattern. Photographic evidence suggests that some vehicles with 'angle iron' trussing still carried the earlier pattern battery box. If using the angle iron trussing, the earlier pattern battery box is available as a separate item (see below) and can be substituted. Reference to a photograph of any specific vehicle is recommended.

    Underframe details are also available separately:

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2801LNER Standard 60ft Truss Rods (Angle Iron)£5.50
    2808LNER 60ft Truss Rods (Turnbuckle)£5.70
    2802LNER Standard Double Battery Boxes (Late Type)£2.20
    2811LNER Battery Boxes£3.20
    2804LNER Standard Coach Dynamos£2.00
    2803LNER Standard Coach Vac Cylinder Sets£3.50

    These coaches rode on the standard 86" Gresley bogie. These can be supplied as rigid units:

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2411ARigid Bogie: LNER Gresley 8ft 6inch£12.50 Temporarily Out of Stock

    or as cosmetic sides to fit on an MJT Coach Compensation Unit

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2232Cosmetic Bogie: LNER Gresley 8ft 6inch Standard£6.50
    2223CCU 8ft6 wheelbase£6.50

    Optionally, should you wish to include them, we can supply:

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    7030LNER 8ft 6inch Bogie Stepboards£2.60 Temporarily Out of Stock
    2820LNER/Pullman Gangway (working)£4.40 Temporarily Out of Stock
    2933Buckeye Couplings£3.00
    2819LNER Compartment Doors (Interior)£4.40
    Using the cosmetic sides with a Hornby or Kirk Donor

    An excellent description of the process for Hornby donor is given in:

  • Done in a Trice, Tony Wright, British Railway Modelling Vol. 13 No. 11 (February 2006)

    CodePhotoProduct (click for details+photo)Price (£)Quantity
    2855LNER 61ft 6inch Corridor Third (D23/D115) 1924-1939£13.50 Temporarily Out of Stock

    While it is unlikely that you will want to replace the floor, roof or coach ends, you may wish to replace other details on the donor with items listed on this page.